Sunday, 20 May 2012

Calendar of Festival Events

This is a calendar of the Melbourne Festival of Sex Work events that are open to the public. 

Click on the event to find more information. 

Sex Worker Only
Saturday, 26th of May

27th of May

Exhibit Closed
28th of May
Sex Work & Self Care
Stripper School 101
Skill Share


Tuesday, 29th of May
Sex Worker Art Practice
Writing Workshop
30th of May
Sex Worker
 Performance Night
31st of May
Intro to Sex Work Orgs
Sex Work Advocacy
What's next Victoria?
1st of June
2nd of June


Before sex worker organisations were put together, before peer education was identified as best practice, before the internet- sex workers have shared information in order to better educate themselves on how to work, how to look after each other and how to improve our skills.  

And this continues today- in the near absence of recognised and accredited professional development for sex workers, we are sharing skills in the back rooms of brothels, forming networks to protect each other through Facebook and getting together to learn new and better ways of working.  

The festival of Sex Work would like to contribute to this proud tradition by holding workshops facilitated for sex workers by sex workers.    

Workshop Topics:

Monday 28th of May

Skill Share/How to Hustle
This session will be an open discussion about different sex working skills. You can ask for or offer information/skills and support.

 Stripper School 101

Sex Work & Self Care
Sex work is, among many things, a caring profession.This workshop will discuss the ways - big and small - in which we can care for ourselves and each other as sex workers.

Tuesday 29th of May

Sex Workers’ Writing Workshop
Facilitated by bestselling author, Kate Holden, this workshop focuses on the importance of sex worker stories, some tips and exercises about writing memories, whether they're for you in private or for publication.

Sex Worker Art Practice

 Thursday 31st of May

Introductions to Sex Worker Organisations
Come learn about the Scarlet Alliance, the national association of sex workers and meet Vixen Victoria, a sex worker organisation who is putting on the Festival of Sex Work.

Sex Work Advocacy
How can we affect social change and defend the human rights of sex workers? This workshop looks at advocacy and how we can work towards achieving more as a community.

Where to next?  Sex Worker activism & advocacy in Victoria
To effect change around sex work-related issues in Victoria, we need to work together.  This session will be a brain-storming session to consolidate our strengths and to work out what we, as a community, want to see happen.

Workshops are sex worker only events. 

To register your attendance of these workshop please call  0414 275 959.  

To protect the privacy and confidentiality of workshop participants, the exact time and locations of workshops will not be made public.  This information will be given to attending sex workers prior to the workshop dates.  

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Statement From Scarlet Alliance

Scarlet Alliance would like to publicly acknowledge the work of our member group Vixen in organising the inaugural Melbourne Festival of Sex Work in Victoria. 

Sex worker led and organised events are extremely important to ensure sex worker voices are heard and to create spaces to share sex work experiences. This is at a particularly important time for sex workers in Victoria who are experiencing harsh and unworkable legal and policy frameworks impacting on their work and personal lives. 

We wish Vixen every success with the Festival and congratulate all involved for their passion, commitment and contribution to the sex worker rights movement in Australia.

The Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Worker Association is the national peak body of sex worker organisations.  For more information visit 

Public Forum: Ask A Sex Worker A Question

Curious? Google just not cutting it?  Have you got one of those questions you've always wanted to ask but never had the opportunity? Now is your chance...

The world of sex work is hidden in secrets and shadows, wrapped in myths, stereotypes and prejudice.  With wondering minds, opinions can often be shaped by questions unanswered.  

Step into our lush boudoir and prepare to indulge your curiosity.  

This public forum will gather a diverse range of sex workers to answer your questions.

An Escort, A Porn Star, A Tantra Practitioner, A Professional Dominatrix, A Brothel Worker,  A Rent Boy- We are all going to be on hand as a panel to answer your questions.  

Featured Panelists: 

Angela White

Angela White was still in high school when she began her adult modelling career in 2003. Barely 18 years old, Angela became the first Australian model to pose for The Score Group in the USA and remains the most popular big-bust Aussie porn star on the Internet.

Lady Ambrosia Noir

Lady Ambrosia is a Melbourne Mistress & Switch Who Tours to Adelaide Every Month. An Elite Dominatrix, Fetishist & Switch Specialising in BDSM, Fetish, Fantasy & Crossdressing. 

This is a Public Event

Where: Secret Society- Level 2 Society Restaurant
When: Tuesday 29th of May, 8pm 

$8 entry.  Gold Coin Donation to ask a question.  

Find this event on Facebook here:

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Red Umbrella Rally

June 2nd is International Whores' Day. It is also the last day of our festival.

To celebrate we're having a Red Umbrella Rally on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne.

Join sex workers in solidarity as we commemorate the day that started the modern international sex worker rights movement as well as remember that the struggle for sex worker rights is as relevant today as it ever was.

Sex workers in Victoria are sick and tired of being ignored as the rhetoric that that oppresses us rolls on to shape policy that entrenches stigma and discrimination.  This rally is a stand made by sex workers of Victoria and our allies- we, who believe that sex worker rights are human rights.  

Assemble at Parliament House Steps, 2pm on Saturday the 2nd of June, 2012.  

This is Vixen at Pride March this year.